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Residential Locksmith

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions. Not only is it a very significant investment, it also helps ensure that your family and all of your other prized possessions are kept safe and secure. In a world where economic disparities still abound, it is inadvertent that lawless elements will try to break in and steal some of your possessions or even vandalize your property. This is why you need the best and most reliable residential locksmith services you can find.

At Oakland Locksmith Pros, we provide top notch security services for any modern home. Our team of dedicated and highly-skilled locksmiths have many years of experience perfecting the art. We push ourselves to understand the different types of locks especially their locking mechanisms. We keep on learning newer and better ways of improving the overall safety and security of modern homes so you will not have to worry about your investment as well as for your own safety and that of your loved ones.

Home Lockout Services

One of the most frustrating situations you might experience is getting locked out from your own home. While very rare, getting locked out is often the result of getting so frazzled with other things in your life that you either misplace your keys or have totally forgotten them even before you got out of your home. Stress can have this effect on any human being.

But you don’t have to worry because Oakland Locksmith Pros is here to help you. Our home lockout services will provide you with the correct solution to regain entry into your home. You can count on our team to be able to open your door with the need to tear it down. In addition to helping you regain access to your home, our licensed locksmiths will never leave your property without sharing with you helpful tips on how to prevent getting locked out ever again. We believe that we also need to educate our clients on how to help secure their properties a lot more effectively.

Home Rekeying Locks Services

There are instances when you want to change the key but not the lock itself. We often see this among homeowners who would like to renovate their homes but would not want to discard the entire door and lock because it may be a very rare piece of the door lock. What do you do? For this, we offer our home rekeying lock services wherein our team of locksmiths will disassemble your lock and change the locking mechanism so that an entirely different key can be fit in. We are not going to change the lock assembly itself, only the arrangement or configuration of the locking mechanism so you can use a more modern key.

Rekeying is a very valuable residential locksmith solution especially for homes and even commercial establishments who may need to have an added layer of security to their property. By changing the lock mechanism every so often, you will be able to ensure the security of your property. Burglars and other lawless elements will have a difficult time gaining entry because you have changed the lock mechanism to something more modern and sophisticated even though the outside appearance still looks pretty much outdated.

Home Security Consultancy Services

We also provide consultancy services for residential houses to help them understand their security vulnerabilities. We can check all of the existing locks in doors, windows, and other fixtures with a lock mechanism to detelormine their condition. We can also help you evaluate areas in your home that may be used by thieves or burglars to gain entry into your home. These areas are often overlooked by many homeowners so we will help you identify them. We can then make the necessary recommendations so that you will have a better peace of mind about the overall security and privacy of your home. We can recommend rekeying or even replacing the entire lock system with a more secure lock.

Home Security Device Installation

Many of today’s modern homes already come installed with home security systems. If your home does not have a security system yet, we can provide a systematic layered approach to improving the overall security of your property from the gate to your front door and even to your windows. We can install security cameras and access devices that use magnetic cards or even biometric sensors. If you already have an existing home security, we can also service it or add a new layer of protection.

Your safety is our utmost concern. Our residential locksmith solutions should help you live safer and more secure in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Give us a call today!